+Fall Protection



U-RES-Q-KIT includes a 16' throw down Rescue Ladder for trauma suspension and self rescue in its own self-contained pouch, 24" tie-off strap which chokes to create anchor point. A kit carry bag is included.


Ultimate Rust Protector

Solution 300 Ultimate Rust Protector is a long-term indoor/outdoor waxy film coating containing rust and corrosion inhibitors. Protectors equipment from atmospheric conditions during storage and shipping.


Body Harness

Stratos full body harnesses are designed with safety, durability and maximum comfort. All Stratos series harnesses come complete with Strato-Lite comfort shoulder/back pad and leg pads permanently affixed to keep them in the ideal position. Stratos-lite padding is specifically designed with open-celled air-mesh for breath-ability and moisture control for maximum comfort.


Dual Leg Stretch Lanyards

Large hooks available upon request.


Penetrating Oil

Solution 200 Penetrating Oil is a fast acting formula that attacks rust and corrosion. Quickly frees frozen parts, loosens dirt, corrosion, scale and other binding elements. Solution 200 lubricates parts while reducing friction.


U-Step Trauma Strap

The U-STEP comes with two compact, lightweight 'packs' thats attach to the sides of a full body harness. In the event of a fall, a worker can pull the webbing from the packs, connect the locking clasps to create an adjustable loop that the suspended worker can step on to alleviate harness pressure and reduce the risk of suspension trauma.