pictures, design, dimensions and weights:

Pictures shown are not actual size. All weights and dimensions shown are actual within normal tolerances. We reserve the right to make product change per our suppliers recommendations. In order for us to furnish the best quality in workmanship and materials, specifications and designs are subject to variation. However, use and servicing will not change.


$150.00 Minimum order policy.
To ensure order will be filled promptly and correctly, please specify the following: RMC Part Number, Quantity, Finish, Complete Size and Description of Item. Please refer to our Website for further information.


All orders will be shipped “Bulk” in standard packaging.


In the absence of a Dunn & Bradstreet rating or previous arrangement for payment, three credit and a bank reference submitted with your order will expedite the establishing of credit. All other orders will be handled C.O.D. or on a prepaid basis.


Net 30 days from date of Invoice. Discount not allowed for C.O.D. orders. We reserve the right to suspend shipments if payments are not received in accordance with these terms.


Additional quantity discounts may be available – please inquire.

special size

In addition to the standard sizes listed in the schedule we are prepared to have related items manufactured to your exact dimensions. Send complete specifications for our prompt quotation. All order for such items will be accepted on a prepay basis only.

shipping instructions

Advise specific shipping instructions when desired. In the absence of instructions, we will ship according to our selection and the most reasonable way possible. We cannot hold ourselves responsible for goods lost or damaged in transit. We will do our utmost to help locate lost merchandise or secure proper restitution. When damage or a shortage occurs, the freight bill should be marked accordingly and a claim filed with delivering carrier. All shipments are F.O.B. OUR PLANT, FRANKLIN, WI. All air shipments are “BULK” packed and Freight Collect Only.

returned goods

Returned merchandise will NOT be accepted from carrier without our prior authorization and instructions. All return authorizations must be obtained within 60 days from receipt of invoice and be received by Ridgeway Manufacturing Corporation within 30 days from issue of return authorization number. All returns must be issued and be accompanied by a return authorization number and are subject to our inspection and acceptance. Returned merchandise is subject to a handling and reconditioning charge. Any merchandise that is returned without our prior authorization and instructions will not be accepted from the carrier, and will be returned at sender’s expense.


Ridgeway Manufacturing Corporation (“Ridgeway”) warrants that all products listed on this website will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 60 days from the invoice date. Ridgeway will replace or credit the purchase price of any product(s) which do not comply with the warranty (“defective product”) and which are returned to Ridgeway by the buyer if Ridgeway so requests. Ridgeway will pay all costs of shipping defective original products from the buyer and replacement to the buyer. The decision to either replace defective products or credit the purchase price will be exclusively Ridgeway’s. This is the buyer’s exclusive remedy. Ridgeway is not liable for any other damages under this warranty, including, but not limited to, altering of product or finish, misuse, incidental and consequential damages. If any products returned to Ridgeway which do not comply with this warranty, the buyer will pay the cost of shipping these products to Ridgeway and Ridgeway will return these products to the buyer at the buyer’s expense. RIDGEWAY MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY TO MERCHANTABLITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE

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